Electrical Section


  Wiring of  2-prong brake light switches ('68/'69)  with 3rd switch for warning light.

 Wiring of  3-prong brake light switches  ('70 and later) with warning light connection.

 Internal circuitry of brake warning light  (late style).


  Schematic of Fuel Injection system, '75 -'79  Type 1 and Type 2.

  Description of Fuel Injection circuit, '75 -'79  Type 1 and Type 2.


 Wiring diagram for Type 1 cars with alternator.

  Wiring details for Type 1 alternator with external regulator (Motorola).

  Description of Alternator operation.

   Internal wiring of Motorola Alternator w/ external regulator.

 Alternator warning light wiring.

  Wiring for conversion from  Generator to Alternator (Type 1).


  Generator to Regulator wiring.

   Regulator terminal identification.


  Gauge and stabilizer wiring.

   Picture of stabilizer.


  Circuitry of 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (Steering column-mounted switch).

 Description of circuit for 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper  (Steering Column-mounted switch).

  Circuitry of 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper (dash-mounted switch).

 Description of circuit for 12 Volt, 2-speed wiper  (dash-mounted switch).

 Wiring diagram, 6V Single-speed wiper.

 Wiring diagram, 12V 2-speed wiper  (dash-mounted switch).

  Wiper wiring (Pdf) on '71 Transporter (stock)

   '71 Transporter -  Adding Wiper Delay circuit (Pdf): Provided by Michael Elliott     


 Tail light wiring:    '68 thru '72   Beetle 

 Tail light wiring:    '73 thru '79   Beetle

  Wiring of backup lights.

WARNING SIGNALS:  Easy circuits to build

  Audible warning circuit for Oil pressure, Generator, Lights left on.

  Audible warning circuit for Oil pressure, Generator.


 3-Terminal flasher, simplified turn sgnal circuit.

 3-Terminal flasher with Hazard switch.

 4-Terminal flasher, simplified circuit.

  Using  a  3-wire  turn signal switch  with  single-bulb  tail lights .

 '62-66 BUS  4-Way hazard switch and relay.

  9-Terminal Flasher explained.  This is a Link to the page written by Matt Roberds.   Use your browser BACK button to return here.

  Link to John Henry's "Bug Shop" site : Info on early signals and SWF flashers.  
Also has excellent sections on starter motors and horn wiring.


  Wiring of the headlight sockets.

  Headlight dimmer relay circuit  '67 thru '70. 

  Headlight dimmer relay circuit  '71 thru '79.

  Circuit that  simulates Term #57 on the Type 2 Headlight switch. 


  Starter /seatbelt interlock wiring  on '74  Type 1 - Jumper to bypass interlock.

  How to wire the carb (choke and solenoid) to the coil.  Also shows backup lights.

  Wiring of plug for Turn Signal switch  ('72 Up)

  Wiring of plug for Ignition switch  ('72 Up)

  Safety circuit for adding an electric fuel pump.

   Rear window defogger  (heater)  circuit.

 What is this plug in my engine bay?